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ADO.NET Entity Framework to any layer

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Code generation from the Entity Framework model by means of T4 templates.

In this first feature, the concept is: The ADO.NET Entity Framework is the base for create any equivalent code of next layers in the application with T4 templates.

This is the diagram of the model Entity Framework to develop the template, through which gives access to all entities and properties of diagram.


  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (Download)
  2. ADO.NET Entity Framework (Download)
  3. t4Editor (Optional) (Download)


  1. Download the current release from releases tab
  2. Install SFS from setup file
  3. Restart Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Use guide

Feature: Entity Framework to any Layer

  1. Simple sample of template and code generated
  2. Simple, but not both: Basic business rules class
  3. View tutorial step by step

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